When we thought of providing services to adults, we had only one thing in our mind 'sensual'. We wanted to provide services which are sensual in nature. We designed various Party ideas to organize where in eveyone can have fun. We also wanted to sell products related to those parties and also products which will enhance the sensuality of couples in their sex lives. The result is


To promote the enjoyment and education of sensuality, with respect, courtesy and confidentiality, by providing our customers with safe, effective, and high-quality romance enhancing products that help women and couples lead more fulfilling and romantically enriched lives.

In today's hustle and bustle world, we barely have time to eat breakfast, let alone think of way to enhance our relationship. Sensual Parties is your ticket to rekindling the romance and igniting the passion. Spice it up! Remember when you would get those butterflies in your stomach just thinking about that special someone?

With Sensual Parties, women will discover new tools to develop their intimate relationships while, at the same time, unearthing new methods to develop themselves professionally. Through communication, confidence and fulfillment, Sensual Parties offers the tools to achieve goals from the bedroom to the boardroom!

At Sensual Me, we strive to enhance our clients' sensual experiences. We believe in romance, fun, and creativity. Our demonstrations allow women to ask the questions and to search for the answers to their most personal situations. At Sensual Me, our goal is simple: to bring romance back into the bedroom! And that's exactly what we've done and continue to do every day.

You will experience and take part of our mission: to empower women at every stage of life!

Sensual Parties offers learning tools to become more confident, methods to increase communication and means to achieve fulfillment.


Our intention is to make women around the world feel sexy. We try to educate them to feel good about themselves and their body. Beauty comes from within.



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